Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Perhaps the press, now that one of their very own has been jailed, has finally gotten it. Yes, maybe they are slowly but surely realizing the fact that they have been manipulated and totally HAD by the Bush, Inc. propaganda machine. With any luck, the press will continue to go after Rove/Bush, Inc. with everything they have at their disposal. They have to, really, to regain their credibility as serious journalists.

The corporate heavies won't be able to stop the press, if they are angry enough, and I sense that they are. Good luck GOP (including you moderate cowards who won’t break from the pathological fold) should this be the case, because 75% of us, including your own ilk, are totally on to Bush Spin.

Quite frankly, I was almost embarrassed tonight, while viewing Countdown on MSBNC, when a GOP hack appeared (whose name quite unfortunately escapes me b/c he is obviously a no where man in a no where land), attempted to pathetically and very unconvincingly give the usual blither, blather, whatever, stupid, happy, and yaddy ya ya talk line that doesn’t play so well anymore. Thank God for that.

I turned the idiot box off and fled to the Internet. LS

Very interesting piece indeed, found on


We already know that Rove is a traitor. So, probably, is Cheney. Since George W. Bush has protected traitors for at least two years; he is therefore an accomplice to the Rove-Libby cell. We are long past the point where, during the summer of 1974, GOP senators led by Barry Goldwater told Richard Nixon that he had to resign. So why aren't Turd Blossom and his compadres out of office and awaiting trial?


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