Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Palin Pals Around with Secessionists and Religious Fanatics

John McCain and Sarah Palin can't talk about the economy and so their campaign has descended into one of the lowest rings in hell. Indeed, their campaign has sunk to such a degree that it would be laughable were it not so dangerous and downright un-patriotic.

Sarah Palin, McCain's attack wolf, has been on the campaign stump trying real, real hard to paint Senator Obama as a terrorist by association. Sarah-the-heels-are-on-and-gloves-are-off Palin obviously didn't realize when she arrived in national politics that everything she says will actually be fact checked by the media and others. And because heaven help us Palin is on the ticket for the highest offices in the land, journalists are also doing their own vetting of Sarah Palin, something John McCain obviously did not bother to do.

If Obama is guilty by association b/c he knows someone who participated in domestic terrorism when Obama was eight years old, what does that make Sarah Palin whose husband was,until very recently, a member of the Alaska Independent Party? The extremist Party wants to secede from the U.S. and its leader said he hated America and its flag. Sarah Palin apparently approves his message b/c she addressed the Party's Convention in 2008.

(The video and original diary posted on Daily Kos was created by Jed Report.)

I see Alaska has its own coterie of Rush Limbaugh styled wackos. Check out the AIG's leader.

McCain and Palin are apparently unaware that one of their very own Republican colleagues debunked the Ayers smear on NPR. Or maybe they know and just don't care. McCain and Palin don't seem overly concerned with the truth.

Have a listen here.

Sarah Palin seems to have a knack for inciting lovely potential
lynch mobs
at her rallies. This is so gosh darn good for the good ol' U.S. of A.

Palin supporters shouted nasty epithets at reporters and an African American AV technician. - Palin made totally unfounded and inflamatory suggestions that Obama is a terrorist or is at least friendly toward terrorists and that he doesn't see the country the way you and I do (wink wink). - In response to the obove comments, one Palin supporter yelled "Kill him!" - Palin was introduced by a shaved headed sheriff who denounced what might happen on election day if Barack Hussein Obama is elected. - McCain asked rhetorically and impregnated with pejorative meaning "Who is Barack Obama?" One McCain supporter yelled "A terrorist!" - In an interview with Bill Kristol, Palin raises Reverand Wright and Bill Ayers and states that we should be talking about this more. Both old news. Both debunked. - Palin questioned Obama's patriotism. - The McCain campaign announces that they are abandoning discussion of the issues, as the Dow drops 800 points intra-day.

And today there was more of Palin's gracious hate mongering.

There you go again, John and Sarah. There's nothing like bringing out the best of us, doggone it.

Sarah likes to pal around with a pastor who has chased down witches. The man is so worried about witches that he performed a ceremony to protect Sarah from them. She willingly participated. Does this mean Sarah was or is possessed by witches? According to her logic, it would appear to be so.

Much has been written about Palin's strange ties to the witch hunting pastor and Palin's other really weird and rather atypical religious and political connections.

David Brooks, a conservative columnist for the New York Times, is quoted on the Huffington Post as having said:

Sarah Palin Represents a Fatal Cancer to the Republican Party.

Actually as far as I am concerned Sarah Palin represents a fatal cancer to national, state and local politics as a whole. Extremists like her have no place in any elected office.