Friday, July 29, 2005


We know for a fact that Bush, Inc. is hell bent on global hegemony. While the nut job wing of the GOP rant, rave, vent, get apoplexy over terrorists and terrorism, real or imagined, whether to scare or entertain us, the neocons are stealthily at work, visiting their will to dominate and control global order (all for personal greed) and their “value” system upon US TOO, that is, the least suspecting of Americans, the average Joes and Janes, we the little people, Ms. And Mr. Average Person, who do things like actually work for a living, take care of their kids, making sure they educate them well while instilling within them a real value system in which the lines of right and wrong are black and white, not gray or different for those who make the rules. Most go to church on Sunday, or the synagogue on Saturday or the mosque on Friday to worship an entity in which they truly believe. Truly believe. A belief that is not spin, fabrication or a disingenuous sales pitch. But they (WE) are being used and ultimately abused in a big way.

Sarah and I exchanged an email today in which she made me aware of facts that I had not known. I am no longer shocked, appalled, or furious. I am beyond these sentiments anymore. Now I am afraid.

Stone cold with fear for what lies ahead.

Turn off your TV's and find what little time you have between your jobs, families and other responsibilities and interests you have to fight for our fleeting democracy before it becomes a blast from the past. LS

(Sarah is a professional computer technology specialist who works for a private academic institution in Texas. She is a precinct chair and active volunteer for the DNC. Sarah works tirelessly and around the clock for progressive democratic principles. She is one of the three people who urged me to create a blog and Sarah had the skill, patience and gentle diligence to explain how to actually do it. ER, Sarah, I forgot to ask you, how do you create those “tiny URLS” that you and Ken send to me all of the time? I have to do the blog links in html for some reason, which is time consuming and challenging! ) LS

Part of her email to me today:

"Did you know that they were gearing up for Justice Sunday 2? Are you aware of the Christian Coalition's Justice Sunday that aired to an audience of 60 MILLION people? THey used their TV broadcast to discuss the Democrat's filibuster and other political issues. The head stated that Roe V Wade was the "worst Holocaust of our time". THey should have their non profit status removed, but you know they're working on that too - removing the limitation that restricts non profit organizations from participating in politics."


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