Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Texas Taliban Party, a.k.a. The Texas GOP

Now that some of the Texas Taliban in DC, specifically Rove and Delay, got their slimy butts kicked out of DC, consequently and most unfortunately for Texans, the GOP Taliban are back at home in Texas to raid our Constitutional rights, freedoms and resources. I am telling you folks, these people are a national disease. They are desperados who realize their national gravy train has gone over the cliff and now they are fleeing back to their nesting place in order to find new venues to satisfy their addiction to money, power and greed. There is never enough money to satisfy these vultures’ lust for cash, power and control.

The American voters got it and tossed the GOP majority out of our Congress in 2006. The corrupted and incompetent GOP have racked up close to a trillion bucks in the unnecessary and immoral human calamity called Iraq. Yesterday we learned that W. and Cheney have been lying about and misleading us on Iran’s nuclear weapon program, knowing all along that Iran scrapped its weapons program years ago. And under the Bush Administration’s brilliant leadership our national debt now grows at $1 million per minute. As Dennis Kucinich has recently observed "We're borrowing money from China to finance the war in Iraq."

So much for W.’s Harvard MBA and Wolfie’s Yale Ph.D. I suppose that the best graduate education money can buy doesn’t make a lick of difference when we have greed mongering ideologues running the country who love to fight wars as long as they don’t have to do the fighting themselves.

Fortunately, the American voters got it and threw the bums out. But there are still far too many left in our Congress, including our own Texas lawmakers who have been sucking up to and enabling the worst President in recent U.S. history who is a pathological liar to boot.

We need to purge the Republican Party of Evil Crooks from our states’ offices in 2008. Of course, this will be a real challenge here b/c our state has been gerrymandered to smithereens and the GOP assumes that it owns Texas and can do whatever/whenever it wants anytime. There is little oversight and few questions are ever publicly posed about accountability. And when they are, the party bosses will bully and squelch all who dare to question anything remotely critical of the ruling party of thugs and thieves.

It is time to stand up to the bullies, folks. We know for certain that most of them are corrupt, inept and they have been lying and misleading us for years.

We deserve far, far better than this.

Our state’s newspapers, in many cases, are tacitly complicit and complacent enablers of the Texas GOP Taliban Party. How many letters will our state’s newspapers’ opinion editors publish that are written by readers who are critical of any GOP in office? I myself have written at least a hundred to my local paper, and only one has been published. But the paragraph critical of her royal majesty Senator Kay Rubber Stamping Bailey Hutchison was NOT included in the letter published, supposedly by me. I therefore don’t even bother to take the time to read the paper any more. Why would I waste my time if the paper is merely serving as a propaganda arm for the Texas GOP Taliban? Nope, I’ve fled to the Internet where one can read news from a vast number of resources and can state one’s opinion freely and openly, like I am doing right now.

It is simply amazing what one can learn on the Internet. And what I read each day just reinforces my suspicion that our local papers and media are joined at the hip with the Texas GOP Taliban Party.

If we do not stand up, folks, we will become another little Mexico or other form of banana republic where the wealth is concentrated among very few while the rest of the population has to scratch and claw to earn a living. Part-time jobs at the local Wal-Mart will become the high end and envied positions du jour if we are not careful.

Will Texans become the next generation of despised illegal migrants who must sneak el norte to Canada or back to the countries from which our ancestors immigrated? We won’t be eligible for jobs in all of the other states except for Mississippi because our schools are ranked 2nd to last in the U.S., thanks to the Texas Taliban who care so deeply about our children’s futures.

Think about it before you let yourselves be duped by anything coming from the mouth of a member of the Texas GOP Taliban.

Here are a couple of small snippets of what the Texas GOP Taliban does here and they get away with it thanks to no oversight whatsoever.

A science teacher was canned by a bushie for even mentioning “evolution.”

Teacher in Texas Canned for Mentioning Evolution

This little tidbit about our Dark Ages practices made it to the editorial section of the New York Times yesterday, too. Texans should be so proud.

The New York Times on Fired Texas Teacher

And uh oh, get ready for some real down and dirty criminal activity because the Texas GOP Taliban are apparently scared to the point of needing freighter sized loads of Depends over the prospect of losing elections, even here in the Banana GOP Republic of Texas.

I learned on the Internet (for such would never get published in Texas) that there is a scheme underway by the Texas GOP Taliban to disenfranchise thousands upon thousands of legitimate voters here. Yep, that’s right, folks. They are going to purge and scrub American citizens who are alive and not DEAD from the rolls and guess who these folks might be?

Texas GOP Will Deny Texans the Right to Vote

Do we need Jimmy Carter and the UN to oversee our elections here?

Enough is enough folks. It is time to take a stand and fight back. I wrote letters of outrage to our elected officials yesterday about both of the issues above. We need to hammer them with inconvenient truths and realities until they 1. Either have to act upon our demands or 2. Resign from office. After all, these elected officials supposedly work for us. Perhaps they need a brutal reminder of this little fact.

Finally, when you go to the voting poll, if your name has not been scrubbed, don’t for crying out loud vote for a Texas Taliban. To do so is voting against your own self-interest and preservation. If your name has been scrubbed, contact Voters Rights advocacy groups immediately. Write to our elected officials in Texas and D.C. and scream bloody murder. Call the media and demand an interview. File a lawsuit against the Texas GOP Taliban Party and sue the crap out of them. They hate parting from their loot more than anything else.

Finally, to reinforce the notion that the bushies have been willfully lying to and misleading us for years, below is Seymour Hersch's revelation on how W. and Cheney have known about the NIE findings on Iran's nuclear weapons program for a very long time.

I would say all rubber stamps for W. and Cheney on Iran, no matter their party affiliation, should be fired in 2008. It’s time for a sweeping and deep removal followed by an army of buckets, mops and vats of bacteria killing detergent to purge all of the filth from the halls of law, justice and honor where legislation should be written and passed for the people by the people.

Hersch Reveals Truth about W. and Cheney on Iran