Wednesday, May 11, 2005

News Fit for Reflective, Reality Based Minds

Tired of the pretty Stepford anchors spewing mindless babble on the news at night? Psychically numbed by the press running scared of the truth, tail tucked neatly between legs? Both media emitting sewage to dumb us down to the lowest of the low, thinking, hoping that we are happy and stupid and prefer their silly and anti-intellectual chatter and "analysis"? Alas, turn to alternative news if you want to sharpen your critical thinking skills and engage your mind, not to mention learn about what is really happening in Washington and in the world. Trust me, all you will hear on the "news" tonight is the story about the pilot of the single engine plane that veered into Washington's airspace and how Bush was biking at the time in some park in Maryland, while the White House, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan and Cheney, the Capitol and Supreme Court had to be evacuated. F16's chased the plane.....Saw it all on CNN, MSNBC and FOX while working out at the gym today. ho hum....2 minutes of information stretched into hours of endless blather and stupidity.
Alternative news is awash with information tonight.

Many, from all corners of everywhere in the U.S., are extremely frustrated by the MSM and press's lack of willingness (guts?) to tackle the Memo Gate Story. Here are a few articles in that regard.

From "Memo Bush Manipulated Iraq intel" There is nothing here you haven't read in other articles I've posted, but, for the record, here is a MS press reporting the story.


Here is another piece, found on Common Dreams via Buzz Flash. Readers complain about Washington Post's failure to cover Memo Gate, but Washington Post is still unforthcoming (cowardly?)


A Buzz Flash reader wrote to the NYT to find out why they would not publish Memo Gate story.

How do you define High Treason? Would that include, oh, subverting the Constitution? Waging a war under false pretenses? Maybe lying under oath? Your paper sure was shocked, just shocked, at Clinton's lies. Is one semen-stained dress important, but 30,000 blood-stained American uniforms of no real consequence?

We need this story, above-the-fold, day after day, in all its details (remember Clarke, O'Neill, the October 2000 PNAC "global-dominance through war paper," all the testimony that Bush wanted Iraq, the "evidence" based on drunks and forged documents etc. etc). Cover it or watch your sales hit the trash-can, if appeals to honor and defense of America carry no weight with you or your paper.

Here's the link and the full text of the Downing Street minutes:,,2087-1593607,00.htm


From Molly Ivins: "They Lied to Us."
"I thought it was time we moved past the now unhelpful, "How did we get into this mess?" However, I cannot let this astounding Downing Street memo go unmentioned.


From one of my favorite journalists, William Rivers Pitts on Truthout.

"One of These Days"

After writing his book on Iraq, in the fall of 2002, Will received a call from a MSNBC producer, essentially asking him to trash the weapons inspectors and to spin the White House line on the abudance of the "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq.

So picture this moment. There I was, trying to drive down one of the worst roads in Cambridge with a cell phone the size of a gallon of milk stuck to my ear, and I have this MSNBC producer telling me that if I go on the show, I have to dump all over the inspectors who at that time had been in-country about a week. Coincidentally, that was exactly the same line of rhetoric being pushed by the White House at exactly that time. I'm sure the look on my face was priceless, and I'm lucky me, the car and the giant cell phone didn't wind up in the Charles River.

Will chronicles the White House efforts to fabricate the facts on Iraq, to match the intel to policy. He cites Richard Clarke, Paul O'Neill, Joe Wilson, as well as CIA experts and analysts.

He concludes by acknowledging that, while alternative news is absolutely crucial and available to some of us, it is simply not enough to reach the masses. Too many of Americans are left out of the info loop.

Will's solution:

"What we in the alternate media need to do, and what you media activists need to do, is advocate hard in your own communities for the providing of computers and internet access to poor and rural communities. In other words, we need to wire up the people who need this information, who get lied to by their televisions every day, who send their sons and daughters off to die so Halliburton and Exxon can line their pockets. I know this stuff, you know it, but too many others don't even have access to it. That has to change."

OK foks - we have our mission now. Let's get to work. LS.

One of These Days

Quickly, as I am out of time, check out Brad's Blog for info on the stolen election of 2004.

Scroll down to May 11 "ROUND 2: Jim Lampley's Election 2004 'Biggest Crime in History of Nation' Post Met With Timid Jab from National Review/Fox News' Byron York!



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