Thursday, May 05, 2005

More on the Blatant Corruption of the Bush Administration

I haven't turned on the idiot box tonight, yet, so I don't know if any of this made the news. I doubt it. Highly doubt it. Bush's shenangigans make Billy Boy Clinton look like a saint. Clinton lied to save his butt and shield his family from scandal. Bush lies and people get ripped off, or worse, they DIE. Thousands are DEAD, thanks to yours truly. Surely even Republican supporters must object to being used and abused by the Bush people.

Raw Story traces one of DeLay's scandals straight to you-know-where - The White House. Where else, really? This is mind numbing, daunting. I have run out of adjectives to describe the unabated corruption and peril to our democracy.

Oh, by the way, it seems that I was wrong in assuming that Blair is toast. It looks like he was re-elected. Maybe the Bush people taught the Brits how to steal an election. Good luck, UK, good luck.

DeLay Scandal Tied to White House

GOP, turning to turn the focus away from their scandal infested adminstration is hammering Nancy Pelosi. We must remind our Democratic lawmakers not to turn their backs on one of our very own. The GOP sticks together and has discipline. So should our party. Stay on message dudes and dudettes.

Pelosi Hammered

An inspirational piece by Naomi Kline. No commentary from me on this. Naomi is deep and reflective. My summary or commentary couldn't do her justice.

We can have a very detailed, responsible agenda and we shouldn’t be afraid of it. We should be saying, “Let’s pull the troops out but let’s leave some hope behind.” We can’t be afraid to talk about reparations, to demand freedom from debt for Iraq, a total abandonment of Bremer’s illegal economic laws, full Iraqi control over the reconstruction budget—there are many more examples of concrete policy demands that we can and must put forth. When we articulate a more genuine definition of democracy than we are hearing from the Bush administration, we will bring some hope to Iraq. And we will bring closer to us many of the 58 percent who are opposed to the war but aren’t marching with us yet because they are afraid of cutting and running.


Finally, more opprtunities for news a la satire from the Daily Show is expanding. The guy who plays a fake correspondent will have his own show. Funny that we get our news from Comedy Central's spoofs on fake news.


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