Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bombshells You Won't Find in the Mainstream Media News. Where? Mainstream News? What is that?

More on Bush and Blair's Outrageous War Rigging Scheme.

Buzz Flash editorial by Greg Palast on the Bush/Blair plot to declare war on Iraq using fake, phony claims. Intelligence is "fixed" to match Bush's unrelenting determination and apparent need to wage war with Saddam. Mr. Palast writes that this revealation should be enough to impeach Bush. If Clinton got impeached for Monica and cigars, why not impeach a sick, twisted poor excuse for a human being who blatantly and appallingly lied. Thousands upon thousands are dead. For what? What have we done? Blair is probably toast in Britain. Where are our press and media on this one? Where the hell are they?


And, here's another choice tidbit you won't find about the Bush/Blair fix on run away bride news. From Tom


A jewel of a piece found deep in the Internet on Truthout. You won't find it on michael jackson obsessed TV.


"Whensoever the general Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force."

 -- Thomas Jefferson

    May 10th is a national day of action for GI resisters. A newly formed group, Courage-To-Resist, is organizing veterans, military families, and community activists in a campaign to support military objectors. Demonstrations to support sailor Pablo Paredes, who faces a court martial in San Diego May 11th, are in the making.

Courage to Resist

Maybe our group should hold fundraisers to help defray the legal costs for these families????

Finally, tonight, to give you an idea of the real state of affairs in our government, an excerpt from "The Price of Loyalty" by Ron Suskind. Thoughts after a typical meeting with the "principles."
(Page 120, 4th paragraph)

"O'Neill like others who served with Cheney under different presidents, was almost always in the dark about his actual beliefs. But they'd sometimes pick up is method; quietly select an issue, counsel various participants, manufacture the exchange of seemingly impromptu letters or reports - the bureaucratic version of a media event - and then guide unfolding events toward the intended outcome. This was the puppeteers' craft, all done with strings and suggestions. In the end, there are no fingerprints. No accountability."

There you have it folks.

Don't despair. Put your anger to work instead.

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