Monday, May 02, 2005


Found on Raw This one will take your breath away. One of many, right? This one is over the top.

The Sunday London Times obtained a leaked document containing the minutes of a secret meeting from highly placed sources revealing that Bush and Blair were in cohoots to plan (fabricate) an attack on Iraq in 2002. Our pathetic, useless, and vacuous media did not pick up on the story because they were too busy covering a run away bride, as John Conyers said, or were obessessing on Michael Jackson's obessions. Conyers outraged, writes a letter to Bush, asking him to explain....Good luck John. Bush will stonewall like he always does, and so far, the media is a willing accomplice.

As Conyers points out, both former Treasury secretary Paul O'Neil and former counter terrorism expert Richard Clarke (card carrying, devoted Republicans) made the same claim as the article in the London Times but the administration dismissed their claims and the media bought the administration's tale.

It truly is indeed up to the bloggers to get any news of relevance out there. The fact that the administration is tinkering with PBS is a chilling wake-up call.

Bush Blair Outrage

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