Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Let the Real Reality Show Roll, Sans Hype, Sans Spin

OK princes and princesses of fabrication and to the GOP bullies, it is tit for tat time.

Democrats Reveal Names of Republicans who have blocked nominees. Found on Buzz Flash.


Dear Mr. President ,
We are all not as dumb, stupid and as complacent as you would hope and dream. We are not fixated on reality shows or Desperate Houswives, as your wife said she enjoys when, apparently, she has never gotten around to viewing it. Unfortunately, we do possess critical thinking skills as well as principles. Who are we? We are the Janes and Joes of dreaded liberals and progressives that you obviously loath and fear. We are on to you and your act. Big time.

"The Final Insult" by Paul Krugman.

UH OH! It seems that Tony Boy is in trouble. Although re-elected, his party wants him to "stand down" in 18 months because Tony's party lost so many seats. Americans need to do likewise 2006. Hold our leaders accountable for their pathological lies and lying. At our, The People's dire expense. Found on Truthout.


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