Thursday, April 07, 2005

Genocide and Right Wing Inaction

I heard a piece on CSPAN this morning about the horrible situation in the Sudan. Two senators, Democrat Jon Corzine (NJ) and Republican Senator Brownback (Kansas) spoke about the appalling, tragic and unchecked genocide taking place in that country. The two Senators implored the international community and the U.S. government to get immediately involved to stop the carnage. Both expressed frustration and are seriously distressed by the lack of global action in Sudan when there is serious evidence of genocide. If one has seen The Hotel Rwanda, one will know that time is off the essence in saving lives in such a horrific condition.

As I watched the two very obviously troubled men speak about how literally thousands and thousands of people are being slaughtered by their own, I wondered where on earth is the right to life group? Where are the conservatives who screamed hysterically and self-righteously for days on end about morality in the case of one individual, Terri Shiavro. Where are the clergy? Where are the mainstream media (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc.) Where is Rep. Tom DeLay who threatened our federal and state judges for failing to save one individual’s life (by upholding the law of the land)? Where is Dr. Frist who watched a video of Terri Schaivro’s diagnosis? Is he watching videos of the carnage in the Sudan? I suspect not.

Why are the right wing conservatives so quiet about the Sudan? Do the Sudanese people not count because they are unhelpful or irrelevant to the right wing agenda? No talking points memo on the situation in Sudan to engender political capitol? Or perhaps the Sudanese don’t count because they are not racially Caucasian, rich, or powerful or “useful”?

After the source of the talking points memo was revealed today, I think we know for sure how the right wing extremists really feel about the life of an individual, not to mention that of a group, or a race. It’s all about information manipulation to achieve political gain and win. Win at any cost, even if it means selling one’s soul to the devil... something the right wing did some time ago. The idea of morality is irrelevant to them – it is merely a word, empty talk, smoke, mirrors and a tool for spin and disinformation. Shame, shame, shame.

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