Friday, April 15, 2005

Activist PEN (People's Email Network) Can Impact Voting

The organization needs larger numbers to achieve its objectives. Subscribe to the site and when "The Pen" asks you to write or call a lawmaker, please take the time to do it. Together we can make a difference, despite the odds. Hope is in the air.

The People's Email Network Progressive Media OUTREACH

Your voices CHANGED 17 VOTES in the House on the Bankruptcy bill yesterday. The work we have done on this is a major step towards electing replacements for those who would not listen. All we have to do now is build our numbers and the next vote in Congress will go our way.

To this end we are making a SPECIAL APPEAL to some of the key players in progressive media to get more engaged in calls for action to send personal messages to Congress.

For this special campaign we have targeted the following

Al Franken (Air America)
Randi Rhodes (Air America)
Majority Report (Air America, have mentioned our site)
Daily Kos (weblog)
Atrios (weblog)
Buzzflash (progressive news)

As an active member of The People's Email Network we need your help to persuade these influential voices to get more involved in our direct constituent mobilizations. In particular we need you tell them how much you like the free service we are providing and how easy and effective it can be, and give them a live demonstration so to speak

It is especially important this coming week with the Bolton nomination, now twice delayed, teetering on the edge of rejection. All we have to do is move one wavering Republican, Chafee, and we claim our first outright victory. Here is that link again in case you are not one of the 5,000 participants of The People's Email Network who have already spoken out on this.

Please post the above links everywhere you can to everyone you know

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