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The GOP routinely attempts to portray Democrats as fiends and yet the party of the sanctimonious and self-righteous will accept donations from the likes of financiers for Al-Qaeda. This snippet of news won’t likely show up anywhere anytime soon in the Right Wing Scream Machine “media.” There is more on this shocking revelation at the end of this diary.

I have just had it with the GOP’s self-serving, hypocritical and junkyard dog tactics. Today on the Dallas Blog, right wingers are trashing Gore for his electric bill. Last month it was Edward’s because of the size of his home and then Pelosi and the Air Force One non-issue that was spun into a circus by the right wing scream machine.

After listening to this nonsense since November 8, I have discovered how the RWSM works. It and the GOP are obviously one and the same. And therefore the RWSM strives to provide distractions from the misery, failures and havoc the GOP has inflicted upon our once great nation since 2000. When the news on Iraq and other colossal blunders become more devastating for Bush and the GOP, the right wing scream machine kicks into action by picking up on some insignificant minutiae and churning it into a national soap opera.

Now the RWSM is picking on Gore. He won an Academy Award for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” One would think Gore was running for office considering how the RWSM is handling the story.

It is being reported that some so-called non-partisan “think” tank in Tennessee (that obviously had nothing better to do) studied Gore’s electric bill. This “think” tank, which may be posing as a front for a 527, happens to receive tons of donations from big oil. It also cheerleads the war in Iraq and has a problem with global warming. Non-partisan? Sell me some ocean front property in Arizona.

To set the record straight, as far as Gore’s utility bill is concerned, his house has 20 rooms in which there are two home offices and space for Secret Service types. Mr. Gore and his wife opted for a green power provider over one whose energy source spews more carbon dioxide into our already filthy air. The green power provider is apparently more expensive than traditional power providers. The RWSM neglected to provide these inconvenient facts.

The RWSM will spend vast amounts of time railing about Gore, Edwards, Pelosi, and other prominent Democrats while ignoring or give merely token coverage (at 3:00 a.m.) to very serious news. One prime example includes how the Ambassador to Switzerland gave Karl Rove an offer from Iran to negotiate in 2003. Somehow the document never made it to Condi Rice. Apparently Cheney and Bush discussed this offer, but since we were at a time in the era of smirking, cocky swaggering and strutting, instead of dealing with Iran at an opportune time, the Bush Administration scolded the Swiss Ambassador for contacting Rove. Despite the seriousness of this obvious bungle, all I hear is the deafening sound of silence from the right.

Then there is the disgrace of Walter Reed Hospital.

More silence.

And how about the inconvenient truth of Bush/Cheney’s back room shenanigans with Iran – like covert operations with no Congressional oversight? And how about the establishment of a panel in the Pentagon whose sole purpose is to facilitate bombing Iran on 24 hours notice? And what about Bush/Cheney support for Sunnis and by extension Al-Qaeda? The Sunnis are the ones who also happen to be those responsible for killing most of our U.S. soldiers in Iraq and who flew jets into the World Trade Center. (Source: Mr. Seymour Hersh’s forthcoming article in The New Yorker 3/5/07.)

More silence….

The drop dead tidbit du jour (that the RWSM will likely not utter a peep) concerns how a financier for Al-Qaeda donated money to none other than the Grand Old Party. Can you believe it? A supporter of TERRORISTS donated money to the GOP? Could you hear the RWSM had a DEMOCRAT received one cent from this person? Oh imagine the histrionics, hysterics, apoplexy, the shrieking, bellowing, the dramas and trauma that would be spewed 24/7 for months and months and months.

Excerpts from Josh Marshall

When it comes to major funders of the Republican party who are also
(alleged) financiers of al Qaeda, we make a special effort to be thorough.

So remember Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, the guy who got indicted two weeks ago for trying to fund new terrorist training camps in Pakistan (apparently it's a growth industry at the moment). Reports at the time said Alishtari had given just over $15,000 to the Republicans. But Paul Kiel looked a bit closer. And it turns out that the true number was $35,000.

There was an extra $20,000 Alishtari contributed to the National Republican Senatorial Committee on August 9th, 2003. (It went unnoticed because his name was misspelled on the disclosure form.)

Admittedly, it ain't the $152,000 he tried to contribute to al Qaeda. But not chump change either.
-- Josh Marshall

Sources: Josh Marshall Piece Here and TPM Muckraker Here

Again, the deafening sound of silence pervades the airwaves from the right.

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ada47 said...

Great post. I followed the GOP-Al Qaeda connection at TPM-as usual Josh Marshall broke the path on this one. I had not heard about the Swiss ambassador-Iran offer. I hope this hits the news soon.

When the Dems swept in last November, I was hoping they would not immediately get bogged down in investigations, and rather get on with fixing problems. However with all the news that has come to light of late, I am beginning to conclude that while impeachment may not be strategic for the Dems, it is necessary for the moral authority of congress, and for the safety of the country.

Thanks for telling us with the MSM often does not.