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Bush’s War in Iraq Has Increased Terrorism Sevenfold

A new report has been recently released by Mother Jones, entitled “Iraq 101: Aftermath, Long Term Thinking” (Part 4) This in-depth, 5-part study was led by Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank, research fellows at the Center on Law and Security at NYU’s School of Law.

According to the study, Bush has been insisting that fighting terrorists “over there” means we don’t have to fight them “over here.” When Rumsfeld has been asked if the war has created more terrorism, he would routinely reply “No one knows. The world doesn’t know.” The report reveals that until now, no one has ever done a statistical analysis of the effects of the war in Iraq on terrorism.

Bergen and Cruickshank’s report give us a crystal clear view into Bush and his GOP enablers' work in abysmal and profound failure, the deaths of hundreds of thousands, devastating human suffering both at home and in Iraq, a nightmare of regional migration displacement, gross corruption and the squandering and depletion of U.S. treasure. As if this personal, social, military, geopolitical and national calamity isn’t horrible enough, Bush & Co. seriously compromised our security and safety by opening Pandora’s Box of terrorism.

All for a lie.

Below is a summary of some of the facts revealed by the study. A link to the full report can be found on the URL for Mother Jones below.


We have undertaken such a study, drawing on data in the mipt-rand Terrorism database (terrorismknowledgebase .org), widely considered the best unclassified database on terrorism incidents.

Our study yields one resounding finding: The rate of fatal terrorist attacks around the world by jihadist groups, and the number of people killed in those attacks, increased dramatically after the invasion of Iraq. Globally there was a 607 percent rise in the average yearly incidence of attacks (28.3 attacks per year before and 199.8 after) and a 237 percent rise in the fatality rate (from 501 to 1,689 deaths per year). A large part of this rise occurred in Iraq, the scene of almost half the global total of jihadist terrorist attacks. But even excluding Iraq and Afghanistan—the other current jihadist hot spot—there has been a 35 percent rise in the number of attacks, with a 12 percent rise in fatalities.

Contrary to Bush’s assertion, jihadists have not let the Iraq War distract them from targeting the United States and its allies. The rate of attacks on Western interests and citizens has risen by almost 25 percent, while the yearly fatality rate has increased by 4 percent, a figure that would have been higher had planned attacks, such as the London airline plot, not been prevented.

The globalization of jihad and martyrdom has disquieting implications for American security in the future. Jihadists are already leaving Iraq to operate elsewhere, a “blowback” trend that will greatly increase when the war eventually winds down. Terrorist groups in Iraq, which have learned to raise millions through kidnapping and oil theft, may be in a position to help fund their jihadist brethren elsewhere. Finally, Iraq has increased the popularity of a hardcore takfiri ideology so intolerant that, unlikely as it seems, it makes Osama bin Laden appear relatively moderate.

End of excerpt:

Human Consequences of a Failed War

Migration Disaster for Iraq and the Region:

1.6 million Iraqis have been displaced, 1.8 million have left. Saudi Arabia is building a wall at its 560 mile border to prevent migration from Iraq. 700,000 Iraqis live in Jordon, 60,000 in Sweden, according to the report.

All because of a lie.

Social Upheaval:

In 2006, 30% of Iraqi children attended school. Prior to the war, attendance was 100%.
47% of the children have suffered from a traumatic event.
2,000 doctors have been murdered.
30% more Iraqis are in jail now than before the war.
Iraq has descended into a civil war. More and more civilians are being killed.

All because of a lie.

The Cost to U.S. in Blood

Over 3,100 troops killed.
23,000 soldiers have been wounded
4,600 Iraq vets suffer from severe head or brain injury
1,300 have lost limbs
1 in 5 suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
22 Army soldiers have committed suicide.

All because of a lie.

The Cost to U.S. Treasure:

The report also reveals the extraordinary costs of prosecuting the war which is costing U.S. taxpayers $275 million per day. According to the study: “If the U.S. had not invaded, militarily containing Saddam through 2015 would have cost an estimated $23 million a day.”

Additionally, the estimate cost of the ISG which did not find any WMD in Iraq is a cool $900. Million. The amount Congress has budgeted for a “success commemoration” is $20 million.

All because of a lie.

Oil Production:


Pipe Dreams: Iraq’s Energy Crunch

In 2003, then-Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said oil exports would rebuild Iraq “relatively soon.” But last year, Iraq missed its export goal by nearly 1/3 and spent only $2 billion on reconstruction, while the U.S. spent $5.4 billion. Baghdad gets an average of 4 hours 30 minutes of electricity a day. Estimated cost of boosting Iraq’s power capacity by 2010: $20 billion. Estimated cost of installing enough solar panels to power every home in Iraq: $6.6 billion.

End of Excerpt.

Iraq: a war waged by a heck-of-a-job Bush, Cheney and the GOP.

The liars lied and others die or suffer.

And Pandora’s Box on terrorism has been thrown wide open.

All for……..? LS


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