Friday, February 01, 2008

Senator Cornyn Stands by His Man on FISA Bill

G.W. Bush may be at a 34% or lower approval rating and yet our U.S. Senator John Cornyn continues to stand by the loser man time after time. W. has been under a 50% rating now for longer than any U.S. President including Richard Nixon, but oh well, why would clueless Cornyn care? And now our Senator is serving once again as a rubber stamp for W. in supporting the illegal warrantless wiretapping bill.

As is typical with the Republican Party, Cornyn plays the fear card on Islamic terrorists in order to justify his fascistic stand on FISA. You know, Senator, Rudy Boy spent millions of dollars and a boatload of weeks in Florida trying to scare the devil out of retired voters there about Islamic terrorism.

The Senator may be unaware of the fact that Rudy Boy was run out of Florida on a rail with his tail tucked tightly between his legs. Now the cowardly fool is clinging like a leach to McCain’s coattails. I guess he scared himself. No one is buying the fear mongering anymore, dudes. Not even those you think you can scare the most. It would be far more compassionate and productive for you bullies to use your millions to support the healthcare benefits for poor children rather than terrify the elderly and retirees.

Earlier this week,Vince Leibowitz of Capitol Annex
mentioned an article written on Texas Insider in which Senator Cornyn made clear his stand on FISA.

America’s elected leaders have a duty to keep the American people safe. We know that the ability to obtain the right information at the right time is critically important in our struggle against radical Islamic terrorists...."

Yeah right.

With all due respect, Mr. Cornyn, it is also the duty of our elected leaders to serve the people whom they represent and to protect our Constitutional rights. The warrantless wiretapping of American citizens is not only unconstitutional, it is also a mechanism only a police state would use. We elect Presidents in this great nation thank you. We do not install dictators or crown kings.

Mr. Cornyn, as our elected U.S. Senator, is obligated to serve his constituents, not to serve as the rubber stamp for one of the worst Presidents elected in recent history. While 77% of Americans believe that this country is headed in the wrong direction, Mr. Cornyn continues to serve Mr. Bush and his policies. Wake up Texans. Our Senator is not and will not serve us. If re-elected he’ll block all legislation that is not supportive of special interest groups, lobbyists and big oil, insurance and his donors. He does not care about us. He will erect a wall against universal health care just like he voted against the SCHIP program. He will fight increased taxes for the upper 1% with every fiber of his being. Cornyn will do his best to undermine any legislation that attempts to regulate our irresponsible banking and financial institutions. Nor will he lift a finger to put the brakes on the shocking rates of home foreclosures. Cornyn will say global warming does not exist. Worse, we can look forward to wars for the next 100 years merely to keep the Republican’s industrial/military complex humming along.

I've quite frankly had enough with the Republican Party’s war hawk fear spinning 24/7, thank you. Look where these war hawks and their fear spewing machinery got us in Iraq. Talk about one hell of a mess. I won’t even mention our crippling federal deficit. Speaking of which, does China own us yet?

Senator, we are tough and we are brave and we will not be terrified by our leaders who rarely tell us the truth and who obviously refuse to serve us. We are also not as stupid as you would like to believe, Sir. Your party has called those of us who dared to disagree with the President’s hair brained scheme in Iraq traitors. And now, Sir, I am telling you and your Republican Party of Rubber Stamps that you have unconscionably and unforgivably betrayed the American people. It is you who are the Republican Party of Traitors.

Yes, it is a very sad time in America, thanks to the Bush Administration.

But we should not despair despite the likes of our traitors in power.

We do have choices thanks to a process called an election.

This year brings Texans, especially, significant hope and an escape route out of our hole in Republican hell because Democrats have a jewel of a candidate to offer who will represent all of the people of Texas. We should thank our lucky stars that Mr. (and Lt. Col.) Rick Noriega is willing to step up. Let all of us pull together to put an end to the lies, the fear, the smear mongering. Let us unite as ordinary and everyday people to get our state and country back where it should be. Let us also not allow ourselves be manipulated by the GOP vicious attacks and smear campaigns against our candidates. The only way to fight bullies is to beat them back, for bullies are cowards at heart. I don’t know about you, but it sure is easy for me to beat up on traitors and cowards. It can also be a boatload of fun.

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