Thursday, October 18, 2007

The GOP Vote For Dictatorship, Against Democracy

The entire lot of the Republican Party voted for an American styled dictatorship this week, in complete and total lock step, in our very own U.S. House of Representatives. I saw the episode unfold in real time before my very eyes on CSPAN. The voting tallies that appeared on the TV screen informed me of the ideology that relentlessly drives the neo-conservative movement in the U.S. today. Fact of the matter is the neo-conservative and present day Republican belief system has little in common with
the bare bones of democratic principles.

This week, our esteemed Republican lawmakers voted for principles that are typically intrinsic to a fascist styled dictatorship in which accountability and oversight are conveniently non-existent.

Republican lawmakers who view the world through precisely the same lens as W. and Cheney will fight to the death (ours, not theirs, thank you) to keep the American people terrified, uninformed and stupid through under funded schools. The Republicans, who both voted with W. and against SCHIP, and who also failed to join Democrats in overriding W’s unconscionable and contemptuous veto of the SCHIP bill has revealed its party’s true colors.

The GOP has failed to take the necessary steps in demanding accountability from its party’s propped up Iraqi government in which we have invested far, far too much American blood and treasure.

During the House debates on H. Res 734 this week that raised objections to the Administration’s withholding of information on corruption in Iraq, not one Republican voted for five of the bill’s resolutions.

Below are 4 of the 5 resolutions that every single Republican voted against:

Excerpts from H.Res 734 from The (see link below).

Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that–
(1) as Congress considers the President’s request for over $150,000,000,000 more for the war in Iraq, it is essential that Congress and the people of the United States know the extent of corruption in the Iraqi government and whether corruption is fueling the insurgency and endangering members of the United States Armed Forces;
(2) it was wrong to retroactively classify portions of the report titled `Stabilizing and Rebuilding Iraq: U.S. Ministry Capacity Development Efforts Need an Overall Integrated Strategy to Guide Efforts and Manage Risk’, which was released by the Comptroller General of the United States at the hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on October 4, 2007, and other statements that are embarrassing but do not meet the criteria for classification;
(3) it is an abuse of the classification process to withhold from Congress and the people of the United States broad assessments of the extent of corruption in the Iraqi Government; and
(4) the directive that prohibits Federal Government officials from providing Congress and the people of the United States with `broad statements/assessments which judge or characterize the quality of Iraqi governance or the ability/determination of the Iraqi government to deal with corruption, including allegations that investigations were thwarted/stifled for political reasons’ should be rescinded.

According to CSPAN the 5th resolution was proposed to shield journalists from prosecution for failing to reveal their sources, except in rare and extreme cases regarding National Security. Every Republican voted against the shield law too.

Every Democrat voted Yes for all of the above with the exception of one Democrat who voted with Republicans on one resolution and two Democrats who voted with Republicans on another.

The appalling fraud in Iraq in terms of the criminal misuse of our hard earned U.S. taxpayer’s (i.e. you and me) dollars matters not one nano bit to the GOP. Tragically for we-the-suckers-who-foot-the-bill for the losing debacle in Iraq, our GOP lawmakers demonstrated, in no uncertain terms, how they are far more concerned about safeguarding the White House’s dictatorial and protective cover-up for Republican enabled corruption in Iraq.

This week I learned, thanks to CSPAN’s airing of our U.S. House of Representatives in action, how the State Department will retroactively classify information revealing the depths of the scandalous dissipation of our U.S. tax dollars and other heinous crimes committed by those whom the W. party of enablers have propped up in Iraq. As soon as our various Congressional Committees ask for pertinent documents relevant to Iraqi corruption issues, the documents are immediately sealed and classified.

What do the White House and the State Department have to hide from us?

Apparently a hell of a lot.

I suppose the real threat that faces the lovers of a Stalinesque style authoritarian rule in the GOP is the chilling realization that the party itself is as compromised, mired in corruption and as deadly incompetent as their criminal counterparts in Iraq. Are our fearless GOP leaders also willing accomplices in the theft of our dollars? Or are they simply clueless morons who have been fooled by power crazed bullies, murderers and thieves who are far more clever and calloused than their enablers in Washington?

Comments from some of our Democratic leaders, including Henry Waxman, on H. Res 734 can be viewed below on The

The Gavel

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