Saturday, June 03, 2006


Below is the Bush Republican Party of Scum Handbook on How to Steal Elections. Rove probably wrote it, with a little help from Cheney of course.

Mr. Greg Palast wrote an editorial entitled "How They Stole Ohio" for Buzz yesterday. Mr. Palast is no crazed conspiracy theorist or left-wing nut job. He is a well-educated journalist who received a degree in finance while studying under Milton Friedman and other well-known intellectuals who were in favor of free trade. Mr. Palast began his career as an investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering, but later turned his skills to journalism and has become a well-known investigative reporter. He has worldwide experience both as an investigator and journalist. He has written numerous books, some of which are academic. Mr. Palast has won numerous awards for his articles and books. It seems that Mr. Palate’s background in investigating fraud and racketeering is a necessary skill in examining the Bush administration on all levels. If you would like to read more about Mr. Palast you can find his bio here: BIO ON GREG PALAST

You might want to do those yoga exercises again or enjoy a glass of your favorite relaxing beverage of choice before reading the Party of Scum's How To Manual. If the mainstream media and press do not run with this story and if the perpetuators and participants of this evil, horrendous and reprehensible scheme, which makes a mockery of democracy and the will of the people, are not brought to justice, we Democrats had better start learning how to steal elections ourselves. What a disgraceful and shameful thought. Sadly, my thinking is a reflection of just how low we have sunk as a nation under the Bush people. We steal, we lie, we torture, we kill, we maim. And then we rationalize our stealing, lying, torturing, killing and maiming. Yet Bush & Co. say we are a Christian nation. No more to be said here. I think you get my drift. LS


Step 1: "Spoiling" ballots -- 1,389,231 of them. In the vote-count game, these are called "undervotes" and "overvotes." You can recognize these lost ballots by their hanging chads, punch cards without punches (an Ohio specialty), paper ballots eaten by scanners, and touch screens that didn't know you touched them.

Step 2: Rejecting "provisional ballots" -- 1,090,729 in this pile. Voters finding themselves at the "wrong" precinct, or wrongly "scrubbed" from voter rolls get these back-of-the-bus ballots first inaugurated in 2002. In '04, provisional ballots were passed out like candy to voters in the poorest precincts. They handed them out -- then threw them away -- one million dumped in all. In Ohio, Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell changed state rules, allowing him to toss out the ballots of legal voters who cast ballots in the wrong precinct although these citizens were told their vote would count after confirming their registration.

Step 3: Not counting absentee ballots -- 526,420 of them. At least, that's what we figure from official stats. But it's anyone's guess how many mailed-in votes were dumped. (However, in one case, in Palm Beach, Florida, Jeb Bush's candidate for Elections Supervisor, Theresa LaPore, counted more absentee votes than absentee ballots mailed in. Not the brightest bulb in the vote-fix biz, that Theresa.)

Step 4: Scrub'm, Purge'm, Block'm. These are the voters who never got to vote at all. This group includes those who found their registrations were never entered on the voter rolls. In Ohio, about one-fourth of those registered by Jesse Jackson's 2004 voter drive, found their registrations delayed beyond the election date or lost.

Add to this un-voter group, those who were wrongly "scrubbed" from registries as "felons." For example, there was Bernice Kines, purged in Florida in 2004 because she was convicted of a felony on July 31, 2009. I repeat: 2009. There was something especially odd about the Ohio felon purge: ex-cons are ALLOWED to vote in that state, Mr. Blackwell.

How many lost their chance to vote by scrubbing, purging and blocking? That's anyone's guess, but one million would not be an unfair estimate -- and that's not included in the 3.6 million tally of ballots uncounted.

Was it deliberate? Oh, my God, yes. I'd like you to take a look at the "caging" lists the Republican National Committee concocted to challenge voters with "suspect" addresses. It included page after page of African-American soldiers, like one Randall Prausa, shipped overseas. Mission accomplished, Mr. President?


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