Tuesday, October 18, 2005


TEARING DOWN THE PUPPET MASTER'S SCREEN? Developing story found on Raw Story.com

Gosh! After posting this piece I thought about Rove's testimony of over four hours - a fact made so prominently clear in the national news the other day. Is ROVE, of all the UNLIKELY people, the one who is "cooperating" and spewing “truth?”

This would be truth according to ROVE, of course. Rove truth could mean anything that would protect Bush, and of course Rove’s own self-serving derriere. We know that Rove truth has little to do with reality or the meaning of truth as you and I know it.

It could be a case of who can assign blame the fastest in the quest to save oneself and one’s corrupted, pathetic and now useless leader.

Is this the reason for the frostiness between Dick and George right now? Perhaps Dick got even richer at George’s expense? George's presidency is, well, to be perfectly frank and extraordinarily vulgar, rather royally screwed isn’t it?

Bush couldn’t go the Presidency alone and needed the manipulative and self-serving Dick to prop him up. Bring in the hacks, aka Libby and Rove to do George and Dick’s dirty work, all too willingly and happily. And then there are the likes of Rumsfeld, Pearle and Wolfowitz among other corporate opportunists.

Did Dick do George?

Where this group of sewer rats is concerned, anything is possible.

My deep apologies for the offensive and disgusting language. I could say that 6 years of living in the Bush/Cheney sewer of lies and greed warrant such depiction.

But alas, I have no one to blame for my chosen vulgarity but myself. LS
New York Daily News source believes senior White House official has flipped in leak case

10/17/2005 @ 9:54 pm

Filed by RAW STORY

The case of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame is set to explode.


The New York Daily News is set to report in Tuesday editions that a well-placed source interviewed by the newspaper believes a senior White House official has flipped and may be helping the prosecutor in the case, RAW STORY has learned.

The Daily News will reveal that a top source believes that based on the questioning of Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his other contacts with the investigation, someone in the White House has turned.

All eyes are on Dick Cheney, the News says, as the investigation wraps up.

The piece follows on the heels of on a story by Bloomberg News and an article by RAW STORY last week confirming that the prosecutor is probing the Vice President.

Also under a microscope is the White House Iraq Group, an ad-hoc strategy group started by Bush chief of staff Andrew Card aimed at selling the war in Iraq.

Two officials close to Fitzgerald told RAW STORY they have seen documents obtained from the White House Iraq Group which state that Cheney was present at several of the group's meetings. They say Cheney personally discussed with individuals in attendance at least two interviews in May and June of 2003 Wilson gave to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus, in which he claimed the administration “twisted” prewar intelligence and what the response from the administration should be.


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